Accommodation in Pilsen

The two main types of accommodation in Pilsen.

Information about accommodation in Pilsen during Erasmus :)

You are going to spend the best semester of your life in the greatest city in Czech Republic, hoooray :). Do you wonder where you will live and how it will looks like? Well here you have some info.

  • Every Erasmus students will get offer to stay at University dormitories from Erasmus coordinator
  • Dormitories are mostly for 2 people, some times for 3 and 4.
  • Dormitories are little bit old, for many people it does not fit their standards.
  • Every dormitory have shared bathroom (sometimes for 4 people, usually for whole floor)

Dormitories are not only one option in Pilsen. In the year 2019 has been built the very new complex Unicity living right next to the University Campus. The price is higher (about 2x more - it depends on how many people lives there), but living standard is way more better. Everything is new and flats are equiped with everything you need.

University dormitories

Accommodation is provided in University Halls of Residence (= dormitories). Students are housed in double-occupancy rooms. Single rooms are generally not available. Accommodation is available for a limited number of UWB visitors and will be provided for the period corresponding to your study stay at UWB. All halls of residence have fitted kitchens with facilities for self-catering. Students can also use a lavatory and hanging rooms in the building (keys are available at the reception against a small fee). Bedding and bed linen are provided in all our halls (bed linen is exchanged regularly); towels and kitchen utensils (such as pans, plates, cups etc.) are not.

Room types

single room with shared facilities, single room with facilities
double room with shared facilities, double room with facilities
tripple room / four bedded room with shared facilities


Price can vary depends on the type of room (price in CZK)
single room is about 4 000 - 5 500
double room is about 2 700 - 2 900
four-bed room about 2 300 - 2 500


University dorms are spread all over the Pilsen, you can be near the Campus or at the other side of Pilsen depends where they have free space and what do you prefer.


Cheap price


Old furniture, no kitchen equipment and things (plates, dishes, ..), at some dorm even no kitchen, shared bathroom

On the picture, university is blue, dormitory is red

Unicity living

The attraction of the Unicity Living project lays not only in the modern architecture of the brand new residential buildings with rental apartments, but above all in its location in the immediate vicinity of the University of West Bohemia. Considered as somewhat unique in Plzeň, the new concept of well-appointed rental housing with superior benefits offers a wide range of services and an individual approach to each tenant.
The pleasant setting is enhanced by well-tended greenery in the inner courtyard and around the buildings, contributing to the sophisticated cosiness of these homes.

  • Located next to University of West Bohemia Campus.
  • New, modern and fully furnished appartments.
  • The tram stop next the building.
  • Bakery and french bistro in the complex
  • Co-living (laundry, wifi, meeting room, coffe room, inner courtyard,...).

Rooms and benefits

In the courtyard there is a field, build in BBQ, benches and picnic tables and ourdoor gym.

  • It's a great place for people who want to have some standards.
  • Every flat has private bathroom and kitchen.
  • More info in Catalogue of rooms - the prices here are not actual!
  • Flat 1+kk is for 12 000 with everything, 6 000 if you share with somebody.
  • Every flat is equipped with a kitchenette (a double induction cooktop, fridge, oven, microwave oven), a separate bathroom and a hallway. In addition, bed linen, towels and all necessary utensils and cutlery are provided.
  • Additional monthly fee for optional equipment of flat (type of the flat):
    • Balcony 200 CZK
    • Terrace 400 CZK
    • Large terrace 700 CZK
    • Dishwasher 200 CZK
    • Washing machine in the apartment 400 CZK (if you do not want to use common laundry)

On the picture university is blue, unicity red. The location is right next to the University campus, where is Faculty of Economics, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Applied Science.

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